Black Mountain Chocolate Factory is North Carolina’s Original Bean to Bar Chocolate Factory. 

Our History

Started in 2007…

We were the first in the Tarheel state to begin bringing you craft chocolate, created from the cocoa bean.  We believe that things that are worth doing are worth doing well.  We are proud to create high quality, artisan chocolate, ethically sourced, and produced with the best ingredients possible. 

Our factory was founded in Black Mountain, and this is where we still find our inspiration.  Our factory and operations moved to the Arts District in Winston-Salem in 2014, were we opened our first Visible Factory on Trade Street.

Our newest move…

Our newest move to Bailey South enabled us to expand our seating and upgrade our Chocolate Factory to a full on Chocolate BAR!  

Black Mountain is in our name, and it is the foundation of our attitude.  It is a rustic little town perched among the peaks of the Appalachian Mountains. It’s where you visit grandma for the holidays – and cut your own Christmas tree. It’s where you played in cool mountain streams on a hot summer day as a child. The pace is slower, and neighbors call each other by name. It’s where people take an honest pride in the quality of their craft.  Life is just a bit sweeter up here.

Inspired by the artisan traditions of the region, Black Mountain Chocolate is crafted all the way from the cocoa bean. We’re not melting and molding industrial chocolate, like so many other brands.  We work in small batches to coax the maximum flavor from each and every bean.

Black Mountain Chocolate is the original North Carolina bean-to-bar chocolate, and still comes to you fresh from our local workshop.

Take some time to savor life today – with our chocolate and the sweet flavors of Southern Appalachia.

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