All of our treats are made from scratch right here in our own kitchen, featuring real ingredients. We put a bit of love into everything we serve.

Tarts, Cookies, and Brownies

S’Mores Chess Tart

A taste of summer in a tempting treat! Housemade crust, fudgy Signature Dark Chocolate filling, and a fire kissed marshmallow topping, this tart is joyful and full of fun!

Salted Carmel Tart

Luscious salted caramel filling in a housemade pie shell, topped with chocolate ganache. Sweet, salty, and perfect, this personal sized tart is an indulgence you won’t regret!


Soft and crisp – and big! Our Chocolate Chunk Cookie features our dark and milk chocolate. Our Peanut Butter cookie is topped with a real chocolate drizzle. And we often have a seasonal cookie as well.

Brownies & Blondies

Our Cocoa Nib Brownie is fudgy and gluten-free, filled with crunchy roasted nibs. Our Brown Butter Pecan Blondie is chewy, rich, and toasty-caramely. And we usually have a special feature brownie.

$4.00 – $4.50
Scones & Biscotti

Scratch-made scones – in sweet or savory versions, offer crumbly goodness. Our biscotti are the perfect companions to a cup of coffee.

$1.50 – $4.50
Special of the Week

Our cold case and pastry shelf always has something unique and delicious. Drop by to see what today holds.

Price Varies

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Coffee & Tea

BMC Drinking Chocolate

Enjoy Black Mountain Chocolate’s hand crafted chocolate in a sumptuous drink. You can choose from 2 flavors, our Classic Signature Dark or put some pep in your step with Cayenne Cinnamon.

$3.75 – $4.45

Drip Coffee

Enjoy our freshly brewed Drip Coffee made from freshly roasted beans by Dynamite Roasting Co. Full-bodied, fragrant, and organic, this coffee is the best way to say yes to the day.

$2.00 – $2.50

Cold Brew Coffee

Beat the heat while still getting your caffeine fix with our Cold Brew Coffee! Brewed cold and carefully, this mellow, potent brew is made from freshly ground Dynamite Roasting Co beans. Smooth and refreshing, this is a drink worth savoring.

$3.25 – $3.75

BMC Mocha

Chocolate, Caffeine, and joy are whipped together to make this heavenly drink. Our freshly ground espresso beans are mixed with a milk of your choice, and chocolate syrup made from our Signature Dark Craft Chocolate.

$4.50 – $5.25


Light, frothy and delicious, Black Mountain Chocolate’s Cappuccino is perfection. Always using freshly ground espresso beans from Dynamite Roasting Co, and available in your choice of milks.

$3.25 – $3.95


One shot of espresso mixed with steaming hot water. Taste the richness and body of our freshly ground espresso beans roasted by Dynamite Roasting Co.

$3.00 – $3.50

Iced Latte

All the richness and flavor of our hot latte, made over ice for a refreshing drink. The perfect supercharge for a steamy day. Our coffee beans are freshly ground from Dynamite Roasting Co.

$4.00 – $4.75

Chai Latte

Discover the perfect blend from Chad’s Chai whipped up into a frothy delight. Choose from any of Chad’s tea blends for the perfect cup of chai.

$4.25 – $4.75

Hot Tea

Have a cup of comfort with a hot tea made from a tea blend by Winston-Salem owned Chad’s Chai. Black Mountain Chocolate is one of the only purveyors of Chad’s Chai around.

$3.00 – $5.00

Dynamite Roasting Coffee

Purchase Dynamite Roasting Coffee to enjoy from your home.


Order for pickup or delivery

You can purchase any of our cafe items for pickup or delivery now!

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