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Indulge in a variety of our most popular truffle flavors! These hand crafted chocolate truffles are made from our own chocolate, and filled with luxurious local flavors.

$2.25 – $27.50

53% Mountain Milk Bar

BMC does milk chocolate with a Southern Appalachian spin: making it with goat milk. The goat milk adds a silken smoothness – and just enough twang to play off the sweetness of the chocolate.


70% Signature Dark Bar

The intense flavors of Dominican Republic Hispanola cacao are highlighted in this bar. Cacao from the DR produces a bright flavor, with deep, red chocolate notes. No adornments here: this bar is just about the chocolate.


70% Sea Salt Bar

A touch of fleur de sel from Celtic Sea Salt enhances the dark chocolate in this bar. Sweet and savory together: pleasure for every square inch of your tongue! Pairs great with a tawny port or fruity red wine.


70% Espresso Bar

A light dusting of finely ground espresso pairs beautifully with the silky dark chocolate in the Espresso Bar. Exquisite taste – and a great pick-me-up! Savor the caffeine and theobromine magic in a most delicious way.


70% Cocoa Nibs Bar

Cocoa nibs from the same beans used to make the chocolate add an satisfying crunch to the Cocoa Nib Bar! The unsweetened nibs really punch up the raw cocoa flavor.


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