Choc full of History!

Now that our chocolate is tempered and molded, it’s ready to eat! 

Chocolate was “just” a drink until modern times, but it goes back a long way in history! There is evidence of chocolate consumption predating the Maya: back to 1900 BCE – nearly 4,000 years ago! Back then, elaborate, spicy, and frothy chocolate beverages were reserved for the elite or for offerings to the gods.  There is also evidence that the Mayan Civilization used cocoa for currency.  

 Today’s chocolate bar is less than 200 years old! Lots of modern technology is

required to product the shiny bar we are used to.  Today, chocolate is the second most popular flavor in the world. (Vanilla is #1.)

At BMC, we take our artisan chocolate and turn it into a dizzying array of goodies – from pastry to ice cream to cocktails. Everything you see here that’s chocolate is crafted from the chocolate that we made!

Thank you for joining us on the amazing journey of Theobroma Cacao.  We hope you’ve learned a bit more about your favorite treat. Now it’s time to eat (or drink) some chocolate-y goodness!

Let Bedtime History take your kids through a brief history of chocolate. 

or, watch a video targeted to more broad audiences from Mental Floss: 

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